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Measures to protect metallized film capacitors

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Capacitors are very fragile, and it is very important to take protective measures. When using it, we must understand the performance, advantages and disadvantages of the product in time, so as to effectively meet the service life of the entire product. But the protection of details alone is not enough. It is also necessary to carry out inspections and refine the steps of product inspection without letting go of any minute details. When buyers buy, it is best to test the withstand voltage and leakage capacity to check the capacitance of the capacitor to avoid unnecessary trouble.


During use, it is important to strengthen the inspection and protection measures of the entire metallized film capacitors, it is best to do a regular inspection. During the inspection, the focus will be on the firmness of the container shell and the installed brackets and connection points. Further check the product shell for leaks. Once an abnormality occurs, it must be stopped in time to reduce losses and accidents . Dust, remove and clean in time when using. Pay attention to the situation of the entire capacitor to ensure the efficiency and application of the entire product, which further satisfies the safety of the entire product.


During the use of metallized film capacitors, strictly grasp the voltage of the capacitor, and do not exceed the specified range, which can effectively prevent the aging of the capacitor.


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