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Matters Needing Attention in Use of Electrolytic Capacitor(II)

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6. Long storage capacitors: adding rated DC voltage for a long time before use actually has little effect on the capacitance and loss of capacitors, however, it will increase the leakage current of the capacitors and reduce the voltage. For long storage capacitor treatment, DC voltage should be gradually applied to the rated voltage, and then put into use.


7. The shell and the negative extreme of an electrolytic capacitor are not insulated: the shell and the cathode of the electrolytic capacitor are connected by electrolyte and, if the shell of the capacitor must be insulated from the line, the location of the installation of the capacitor, Insulation must be taken.


8. Do not exert excessive force on the terminal or lead of an electrolytic capacitor: an excessive force is applied to the terminal or lead, and the pull acts on the inside of the capacitor, which may lead to the rupture of the lead or the splitting of the terminal, In turn, it will cause damage to the internal connection of the capacitor, resulting in short circuit, open circuit or rising leakage current inside the capacitor, leading to the damage of the capacitor. When the capacitor is welded to the circuit board, do not shake the capacitor strongly.


Pay attention to temperature and duration when welding: soldering iron should keep a certain distance from the plastic sleeve of capacitor. When the capacitor is immersed in the solder slot, the recommended temperature is less than 260C, the time should not exceed 10 seconds, lest the capacitor be damaged, the plastic casing may break or shrink because of the excessive welding time and the high temperature.


10. Layout of holes on printed circuit boards: when designing printed circuit boards, the distance between the mounting holes should be equal to the lead spacing. When the spacing of the holes is greater than or less than the lead spacing, when the capacitor is installed, there will be stress acting on the lead wire, which may cause short circuit and circuit damage. Leakage current increases.


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