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How to Increase the Life of High Voltage Capacitor(II)

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3) Frequency characteristics. The frequency characteristics are often determined by the medium of the capacitor. That is to say, no matter whose product it is, as long as the same ceramic medium is used, the frequency characteristic of the capacitor is the same. In the same way, the manufacturer of porcelain with better frequency characteristic, His capacitor will have a longer life, so pay attention to the choice of material

4) Voltage level. Usually we label the voltage of the CT8G series capacitors on the high-voltage ceramic capacitors, which refer to the DC voltage. However, in the practical application, the military products use DC voltage, and the power industry uses AC voltage. To judge the life or quality of a capacitor, we can first judge from the voltage, whether it is used in military, civilian, industry, we should remember one point, only the capacitor with high grade of AC voltage, its service life is long when selecting capacitors.


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