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How can multiplayer ceramic chip capacitors distinguish size? (I)

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Multiplayer ceramic chip capacitors how to distinguish the size, multiplayer ceramic chip capacitors is very small, there is no printed word on it, it is related to its production process (multiplayer ceramic chip capacitors is a high temperature sintering surface, so it can not be printed on its surface), and the patch resistance is screen printing.


The naming of patches is also different from ordinary capacitors. Different manufacturers have different ways of naming products. The following is the introduction of Shenzhen Samsung capacitor agency.


0805: the size of the chip capacitor is expressed in inches. 08 indicates that the length is 0.08 inches, and 05 indicates the width is 0.05 inches.


CG: it is the material used to make this kind of capacitor. This material is generally suitable for making capacitors less than 10000PF.


102: refers to capacitance capacity, the front two bits are valid numbers, and the latter 2 indicates the number of zero 102=10 * 102, that is, =1000PF.


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