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Fan start capacitor connection method

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Method for detecting the connection of the fan start capacitor


Household electric fans use single-phase ac motors, so they need a live wire and a neutral wire to work normally. However, in order to protect the motor, an additional electric fan starting capacitor needs to be installed, which can avoid the excessive current burns the windings. When installing this capacitor, you first need to detect the motor. In addition, there are three wire ends on the motor. Set the multimeter to the electric barrier and measure the resistance between the wire ends. The two wire ends with the largest resistance value are where the capacitor is installed.


Fan start capacitor connection method


The correct connection method of the starting capacitor of the electric fan, the electric fan generally uses a non-polar capacitor, so there is no difference between positive connection and reverse connection, and the standardized accessories do not need to be welded, just tighten it with the screws in the original way.However, pay attention to the specifications when purchasing new capacitors, and choose the same model. Too large or too small may cause new problems. Too small capacitors will not have the proper starting and protection functions.When the current is high, it may cause the electric fan to be completely scrapped.


Precautions for connecting the fan start capacitor


The connection method of the electric fan starting capacitor is very simple, so if the accessories can be bought, the user can complete the replacement by himself. However, those who have not received professional training must pay attention to safety during maintenance. The first thing is to completely cut off the power before operation, and must not operate with power on.Another thing is that the neutral wire and live wire should not be reversed. For electric fans, the neutral wire and live wire can also work normally when the neutral wire and live wire are reversed connection , but the electric fan will still be charged after it is turned off, which will increase the risk of electric shock and leakage.


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