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Details of the purchase of ceramic capacitors

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1Select the porcelain chip capacitor with brand.

2The appearance of the ceramic capacitor, the product certificate.

3The service before sales and after sale is guaranteed.

4Understand the capacitance and voltage of your porcelain capacitor before you buy it.

If it is not clear that the ceramic capacitance that you purchased can be measured by a multimeter, for example, the small capacitance below 10pF - the fixed capacitor under 10pF is too small to measure with a multimeter, it can only qualitatively check whether there is leakage, internal short circuit or breakdown. When measuring, a multimeter R * 10K block can be selected. The two pins of the capacitor can be arbitrarily connected with two pens, and the resistance value should be infinite. If the resistance (pointer to the right) is zero, it indicates that the capacitor is damaged by electric leakage or internal breakdown.


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