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CBB22 capacitor performance information

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CBB22 capacitor is a metallized polypropylene film with similar performance to polystyrene, but with a small volume and slightly poor stability. Therefore, it is used to require high circuits to replace most of polystyrene and mica capacity.


CBB22 capacitor is a commonly used capacitor in CBB capacitors. Let us introduce its structure and parameters in detail. The CBB of the CBB22 capacitor is a metalized polypropylene film capacitor, 22 is a specification, and the tolerance volume of the CBB high-voltage capacitor below 1μF is according to the E6 standard. . The following two are the CBB film capacitor number coding standards: (0: axial lead; 1: radial lead; 2: DC voltage; 6: AC voltage; 8: DC high voltage)


CBB22 capacitor internal structure:

Metallized polypropylene films are used as dielectrics and electrodes. It is wound and packaged with flame retardant insulation. It has a non-inductive structure. One-way copper wire leads out. It is wrapped and sealed by epoxy resin. Using special gold spraying and encapsulation process.


CBB22 capacitor characteristics:

With excellent electrical properties, high ruggedness, low loss and other characteristics and good self-healing performance. Zh


CBB22 capacitor uses:

It is widely used in equipment, meaning watches, LCD TVs, and electrical products in the AC power pulsation, pulse width, high frequency, and is very suitable for various types of energy-saving lamps and electronic rectifiers and inverter welding circuits.


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