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Application of New Type Tantalum Capacitor in Portable products(III)

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Q: what are the differences between tantalum capacitors and MLCC applications?

A: Tantalum capacitors and MLCC are two completely different capacitors, and the dielectric materials are completely different. MLCC are stacked, while the gallbladder capacitors are a whole way, stacked when the voltage or current is passing through. There is a murmur, that is, the physical phenomenon of mechanical resonance exists, which is far lower than the equivalent series resistance of MLCC, but now the MLCC technology is not able to completely replace the bladder capacitance, and it is not possible to do so on the large solute. Therefore, the gallbladder capacitance has a great advantage in large capacitance.

Q:Should liquid tantalum have an advantage over solid tantalum?

A: Liquid tantalum and solid are completely different areas, and the performance parameters are completely different, so we can not use liquid tantalum to replace solid tantalum lattice, solid tantalum relative to liquid tantalum will be much cheaper.


Q: What is the constant capacity of the capacitors selected for the wireless network card?

Answer: wireless upper network card uses more special capacity quality, is to 2200UF main, also adopt 1000UF and 1500 UFF now, these three values can be used on the top of wireless network card to get the T2200UF is the choice most at present.

Q: Can the application of tantalum capacitor improve the antistatic interference performance of the chip?

A: From the manufacturer's point of view, the capacitor is only storage and filtering, anti-static and your chip anti-static rating is related, I think the relationship with the capacitor is not particularly large.

Q:Do you prefer A or B for the same size of capacitor?

A: The capacitor of the same size, if there is a space limit, of course, the type A is a little smaller, and there are other limitations, such as ESR and ripple current. Of course, the larger the size, the smaller the ESR and ripple current.

Q:What is the maximum current that a single tantalum capacitor can provide?

 For example, 6.3 volt 2200uf, the maximum ripple current available at this time is 2.3 amperes.

Q:Is there a good solution to the problem of short circuit after capacitor failure?

 Both the voltage and the current passed are determined by the internal fuse of the bile capacitor.


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