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Analyze the development status of metallized film capacitors

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The development status of my country's metallized film capacitors: since the advent of hand-produced metallized film capacitors in the 1960s, my country's metallized capacitors have roughly experienced three development waves; in the 1980s, the overproduction of color TVs was used as an opportunity to complete the The introduction of technological transformation from manual work to stand-alone automation.


In the 1990s, the "short, small, light and thin" electronic machine was used to complete the technical transformation of the miniaturization of metal film capacitors (wound type and metallized laminated type); since the beginning of this century, it has been used to match the electronic machine The reliability requirements of the company have undergone technical transformation mainly based on safety capacitors. In recent years, metallized film capacitors have ushered in the fourth wave of development based on the shareholding system and private investment.


The advantages of metallized film capacitors: metallized polyester film winding, non-inductive structure epoxy resin encapsulation, good self-healing performance of unidirectional lead out of CP line, high insulation resistance and stable capacitance. It is suitable for DC and pulsating circuits, and is widely used in filtering, blocking, bypassing, coupling and noise reduction of various electronic and electrical equipment.


The ripple current withstand capability of metal film capacitors can reach ten times to several tens of times the rated ripple current of aluminum electrolytic capacitors of the same capacity. In order to achieve higher current withstand capability, aluminum electrolytic capacitors usually use larger capacity to meet the requirements. Larger capacity is an unnecessary waste of cost and installation space. Therefore, metalized film capacitors are in demand in the market.


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