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Operational capacitor maintenance and care

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(1) The capacitor should be on duty, should be well documented equipment operation. 

(2) Inspection of the appearance of the operating capacitor bank should be carried out daily according to the rules and regulations. If expansion of the tank shell is found, it should be stopped to avoid malfunction.

(3) Check the capacitor bank load per phase amperes can be carried out.

(4)  When the capacitor bank is put into operation, the ambient temperature can not be lower than -40 ℃ and the operating ambient temperature is 1 hour with an average of not more than + 40 ℃, not more than + 30 ℃ in two hours and not more than + 20 ℃ in one year. If so, manual cooling (fan installation) or disconnection of the capacitor bank from the grid should be used.

(5) The temperature check at the installation site and the check of the hottest spot temperature on the capacitor case can be performed by a thermometer or the like, and the temperature recorded (especially in summer).

(6) The working voltage and current of the capacitor shall not exceed 1.1 times of the rated voltage and 1.3 times of rated current when in use.


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