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  • How to choose a film capacitor suitable for use in automobiles

    I believe that many people have their own favorite cars, but do you know the film capacitors used in auto parts? How do you choose the device in use? 1. The choice of capacity is based on the power level of the power amplifier. The power amplifier part capacity selection range is generally 50,000 mi

  • Summary of common problems with polyester capacitors

    In the process of receiving customers, sometimes the editor will receive many questions from customers, then the text for everyone to sort out some common problems with polyester capacitors, I hope to help everyone! 1) What is the replacement for the polyester capacitor 2A224J if the same capacitor

  • Factors to consider when purchasing cbb capacitors

    Cbb capacitor manufacturers are particularly numerous, most users will buy in Google, Baidu and other browsers when they purchase. But the intentions of different customers will be different, but how do we purchase them? How to choose in many industries, you can refer to the following. First of all,

  • Learn about the definition and material of the thermistor

    The application of thermistors is very wide, especially in the application of household appliances. You know how much the definition and material of the thermistor, let's learn it with the editor! Thermistor definition: The thermistor is a component with high sensitivity and is divided into a positi

  • Understand the operating voltage of the varistor

    As one of our common resistance devices, varistors, what is their working voltage? Let's learn together with the editor! The varistor is not a sensory pressure. It is a voltage susceptor. It is a bit like a fuse. It will break down beyond its own voltage and be protected by an open circuit. The vari

  • Manufacturers design the direction of the film capacitor

    Film capacitors are one of the components in electronic products. Basically, all electronic products use this component. With the development of the industry, understanding and familiarizing with film capacitors has become a course that most manufacturers attach to, because everyone Everyone wants t

  • Film capacitor protection

    Capacitance is an important electronic component in the circuit, so we must pay attention to protect it when using it, and extend its service life as much as possible. At the time of purchase, we can test the withstand voltage and leakage current, and do not let go of any tiny places. These tests ca

  • Inductance proximity sensing with a single chip

    Inductance proximity sensors can be used for non-contact detection of metals near LC sensors. These inductive sensing solutions enable task counting on existing inspection and factory assembly lines without being affected by non-inductive materials such as oil, water, dirt or dust. Perhaps one thing

  • Solution to the failure of debugging the board debugging skills

    To find out the cause of the fault carefully, you must remove the line and reinstall it if the fault cannot be solved. Because there may still be various problems with the reinstalled line, if it is a problem in principle, even if it is reinstalled, it will not solve the problem. We should look for

  • Precautions in the debugging of board debugging techniques

    Whether the debugging result is correct or not is largely affected by the correctness of the measurement and the accuracy of the measurement. In order to ensure the effect of debugging, it is necessary to reduce the measurement error and improve the measurement accuracy. To do this, pay attention to


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