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  • Talking about the high-voltage capacitor over-power

    High-voltage capacitors generally refer to capacitors above 1kv or capacitors above 10kv. The main advantage of high-voltage capacitors is that they are small in size, high in withstand voltage, and stable in performance. So what is the high-voltage capacitor over-power capability? What is the misun

  • The age of the varistor

    The question that everyone has been discussing all the time, what is the life of the capacitor? When the varistor is normally shipped, the age of the varistor will be related to improper operation. Therefore, in order to protect the life of the varistor, everyone should use it normally. The characte

  • The difference between 104 monolithic capacitor and 104 ceramic capacitor

    Monolithic capacitors and ceramic capacitors are capacitors we often use. What are the differences between these two capacitors? This is a problem that many newcomers will mention when they enter the market. This article is a simple answer for this question. Let's get to know it! 104 monolithic capa

  • Reasons for safety capacitors for power amplifiers

    Safety capacitors are already one of the most familiar electronic components. Do you need to add capacitors in your power amplifier? In fact, it is usually required, filtering or decoupling. So what is the reason for the safety capacitors used in the power amplifier? Let's take a look at it with Xia

  • Talking about the development of film capacitors in the home appliance industry

    The self-healing properties of the film capacitors, non-polarity, and strong insulation are believed to be familiar to everyone. In the steady growth of the home appliance industry, how is the data status of the film capacitors in 2018? Let's follow the Xiaobian! China's home appliance demand is gro

  • Choose a regular safety capacitor to reduce the problem

    The safety capacitor is a capacitor that does not cause harm to the human body after failure. It can be seen in the switching power supply. The advantages of the safety capacitor direct factory: 1. Process: The process is made by precipitation of time. In the current society, paying attention to th

  • High voltage capacitor ground fault

    The ground fault of the high voltage capacitor has a great impact on the stable operation of the DC transmission system. The DC filter high voltage capacitor ground fault protection method has problems such as poor selectivity, low sensitivity, and difficulty in setting the value. 1) Poor selectivit

  • Pay attention to these parameters when purchasing capacitors

    When we purchase products, we can only see the appearance through the visual observation of the eyes. Whether the performance of the products and the materials used meet their own needs, these are not visible. Then this time you need to look at the parameters, the parameters can indicate the perform

  • Reasons for high-voltage capacitors in microwave ovens

    The capacitor used in the microwave oven is not a common transformer capacitor, but a high-voltage transformer with "magnetic leakage" characteristics. The principle of "magnetic leakage" is used to achieve the purpose of automatically controlling the filament voltage of the microwave oven and the a

  • The problem that film capacitors face in new energy vehicles

    Film capacitors have many excellent properties and are excellent capacitors. Its main characteristics are as follows: small size, no polarity, high insulation resistance, wide frequency response, its single working voltage can reach thousands of volts, no need for charge and discharge equalization c


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