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  • Application and characteristics of CBB Capacitor

    CBB capacitor with metallized polypropylene film series structure type, can resist high voltage, large current shock, with a low loss, excellent electrical performance, high reliability and self-healing performance. Use of CBB capacitors: Awidely used in instruments, instruments, television sets and

  • How to calculate the capacitor capacity?

    Starting capacitance capacity:C=350000*I/2p*f*U*cosφIn the formula: I---current-frequency; U--voltage ;2p---power factor 2, small power factor 4 ;cos φ ---power factor (0.4-0.8). Starting capacitor voltage: capacitor voltage is greater than or equal to 1. 42*U. Operating capacitance capacity:C=1200

  • The larger the capacity, the higher the motor efficiency?

    In general, in single-phase capacitor starter motor, the capacitor capacity in series in the starting winding increases by 1 time, the starting torque can only be increased by 50%, and the starting current is increased by 200%. In single-phase capacitive motor, the efficiency of the motor will be re

  • What's the capacitor?

    The capacitor is a container in which charges are stored. It is composed of two pieces of metal close to each other, separated by insulating material, depending on the insulating material. Can be made into a variety of capacitors, such as: mica, porcelain dielectric, paper dielectric, electrolyt

  • Fine- tuning capacitor

    A fine-tuned capacitor, also called a semi-adjustable capacitor, has a capacity of between 5 and 45 PF. There are many kinds of them, and the following is common:1) Porcelain capacitor with fine-tuning: it is characterised by wear resistance and long service life. 2) Tube-type fine tuning capacitors

  • Characteristics of capacitors(3)

    Capacitive reactance of capacitors.Capacitors have special resistance to AC, called capacitive reactance. Capacitive reactance can be calculated by the following formula, the larger the capacitor capacity, the higher the frequency of the current, the smaller the capacitive reactance is, and the easi

  • Characteristics of capacitors(2)

    Alternating current can "pass through" capacitors.If the capacitor is connected to the AC circuit, the capacitor will charge alternately and discharge repeatedly because of the constant change of the AC voltage. At this time, there will still be no charge between the two poles of the capacitor. But

  • Characteristics of capacitors(1)

    The capacitor can store the charge and has the function of isolating the DC.When the two electrodes of the capacitor are related to the positive and negative electrodes of the DC power respectively, the positive and negative charges will gather on the two electrode plates of the capacitor and form a

  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitor features

    A capacitor is an energy storage element that consists of two metal plates and a dielectric interlayer dielectric. Any two conductors that are close together and insulated from each other will make up a capacitor that begins to store charge when a voltage is applied to the conductor.The process of c

  • Capacitors should be properly protected

    Capacitors should be properly protected, such as balanced or differential relay protection or the use of instantaneous overcurrent relay protection, motor capacitance, for 3.15kV and above capacitors, each capacitor must be equipped with a separate fuse, fuse The rated current of the fuse should be


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