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  • Working Frequency of Electrolytic Capacitor

    Electrolytic capacitors are the most suitable for power frequency filtering or bypass or interstage coupling in low-frequency circuits. And the lower the circuit impedance, the more reliable. When the electrolytic capacitor works, it is equivalent to an electrolytic cell, one of which is the electro

  • Reliability Application of Electrolytic Capacitor(II)

    Fully consider ripple voltageGenerally electrolytic capacitors have positive and negative electrodes. When used in pulsating circuits with both DC and AC voltage components, special attention should be paid to its working characteristics. When the electrolytic capacitor is in use, it must meet the v

  • Reliability Application of Electrolytic Capacitor

    When working voltage is loweredReducing the working voltage of electrolytic capacitor is the most effective way to prolong the service life and improve the reliability of the capacitor. Because the failure rate of electrolytic capacitor is directly proportional to the ratio of applied voltage to rat

  • How to judge the polarity of electrolytic capacitance by multimeter

    Determination of polarity of Electrolytic Capacitor Electrolytic capacitors that do not know the polarity can be measured by the electrical barrier of the multimeter.We know that the leakage current of the electrolytic capacitance is small only when the positive electrode of the electrolytic capacit

  • How to judge the quality of capacitors by multimeter

    The capacitance of test electrolytic capacitor is usually determined by using R × 10, R × 100 and R × 1K blocks of multimeter. The red and black meter pens are respectively connected with the negative electrodes of the capacitors (before each test, the capacitors should be discharged, and the q

  • The correct selection of Capacitor in Modern Power supply Technology(III)

    Voltage and life test A factor of safety is left between the rated voltage and the breakdown voltage of the capacitor, such as a 400V electrolytic capacitor with a breakdown voltage of not less than 450 V and a film capacitor with a breakdown voltage of 1.5 to 2 times the rated voltage, Therefore, i

  • The correct selection of Capacitor in Modern Power supply Technology(I)

    Filter capacitor After rectifying AC (power frequency or high frequency), it is necessary to use capacitor filter to smooth the output voltage, which requires a large capacitor capacity, and generally uses aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The main problem in the application of aluminum electrolytic

  • Capacitor formula capacitance calculation formula

    Capacitor formula capacitance calculation formulaC=Q/U Special formula for parallel plate capacitors: interplate electric field intensity E U / d, capacitor capacitance determinant C = ε S / 4 π kdThe capacitance of parallel plate capacitor, theoretical and experimental results show that the capacit

  • Selection of capacitors for power supply(IV)

    Control and logic circuitAll kinds of capacitors are used in power supply control circuits, except in the harsh environment, these capacitors are universal components with low voltage and low loss. High temperature components are usually used for power supply in harsh conditions. Industrial or profe

  • Selection of capacitors for power supply(III)

    EMI/RFI inhibitionThese capacitors are connected to the input of the power supply to mitigate electromagnetic or radio interference from semiconductors. These capacitors are vulnerable to destructive overvoltage and transient voltage due to their direct connection to the main input line. As a result


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