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  • Foil inductive Capacitor under High temperature and High pressure-Control measures

    Control of the influence of raw materials (dielectric, aluminum foil) on the breakdown of capacitors:Establish a perfect raw material management and inspection system to ensure the quality of raw materials meets the requirements. In product design, according to the working voltage of capacitor, the

  • Analysis of failure Mechanism of Capacitor at High temperature and High pressure(II)

    2. Effect of plate (aluminum foil) on breakdown of capacitors:Aluminum foil in the cutting, because the hob is not sharp, after cutting aluminum foil plate will appear sawtooth, burr and so on. This kind of disk material is easy to stab the dielectric film in the winding, reduce the voltage resistan

  • Analysis of failure Mechanism of Capacitor under High temperature and High pressure(I)

    To a large extent, the breakdown of capacitors depends on its macroscopic structure and technological conditions, and the resulting non-uniform electric field and non-uniform dielectric. The breakdown of capacitors often occurs at these weaknesses. The following are listed below for analysis of the

  • Causes of High Voltage Capacitance damage in Summer(II)

    The second reason is: the overcurrent caused by the separation harmonics of the power networkHarmonic current is also one of the biggest "killers" causing damage to high-voltage capacitors. In the daily operation process, when the harmonic current flows into the capacitor, it will be superimposed on

  • Causes of High Voltage Capacitance damage in Summer

    Reason one: operating voltage is too highI believe many engineers are aware that the high voltage capacitor operating voltage can reflect the substation bus system voltage, and directly affect the capacitor life and function. The active power loss in the operation of high voltage capacitor is mainly

  • Is there a need for prior treatment before the use of monolithic ceramic capacitors

    The difference between the monolithic capacitor and ceramic capacitor is that the monolithic capacitance is relatively stable, the temperature coefficient is small, the capacitance value can be 1 UFF, the life is long, the equivalent DC resistance is small, the price is slightly expensive. Ceramic c

  • Relationship between Lightning Protection effect and Voltage of varistor

    The voltages and current intensities of varistors do not conform to the Euclidean law, but show nonlinear correlation. When the voltage applied on both sides is second only to the nominal voltage, the resistance value of the varistor is close to infinity and the inside is close to no current. When t

  • Correct use of high voltage ceramic chip capacitance to reduce hidden trouble

    High voltage ceramic chip capacitance has many advantages, and its capacity loss has high stability with temperature and frequency. And is a special series structure suitable for high voltage pole long-term reliability. And it is high current climbing rate and suitable for large current loop sensele

  • Reliability selection of military electrolytic capacitors

    In military electronic products, in order to ensure the reliability of the whole machine system, the following principles shall be followed when selecting electrolytic capacitors:(1) to select as many components as possible to be included in the QPLs of military electronic components; (2) to select

  • Reliability of installation and welding of capacitors

    If the capacitor is a recent factory product, and solderability has met the requirements, generally do not need to dip tin pretreatment. However, if the storage time is longer, the tin immersion should be controlled beyond 3.2 mm of the seal stipulated in the technical specification, and avoid exces


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