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  • A brand new photoelectric correction slitter is ready to use

    Congratulations to Safe Elecrtonics : a brand new photoelectric correction slitter is ready to use

  • The 27th International Exhibition

    The 27th International Exhibition on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Frozen Processing is openning in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Our company took part in this exhibition and managed to raise our company's population thanks to Mr Zhou's meticulous g

  • What are the inrush current and peak current?

    The surge current is the peak current flowing into the power supply when the power is turned on. Since the output filter capacitor is quickly charged, the peak current is much greater than steadyState output current. The power supply should limit the surge levels of AC switches, rectifier bridge

  • 1200vac dry capacitors


  • A new coating equipment arrived

    On July 18th , a new coating equipment arrived at Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd. Workers started installation on 19th and finally finished until the end of last week. Today the new equipment is in trial stage. Though the temperature is up to 37 ℃ , the factory workers still passionately devoted th

  • Jiabao vacuum coating equipment to the factory

    On July 19th 2017, Anhui Safe Electronics Co., LTD. added Jiabao vacuum coating equipment to the factory, which is expected to be officially put into use at the end of July. This coating machine is the latest model CAP-M650 produced by Anhui Jiabao Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. The vacuum degree is up

  • Anhui Safe Electronics Co., LTD. was bestowed the 2016 - 2017 annual E - commerce model enterprise.

    According to the "Notice on Building 2016 - 2017 E-commerce Business Model ", 57 E - commerce enterprises such as Hefei Rongdian Industrial Co., Ltd were selected as the 2016 - 2017 e - commerce demonstrations through the preliminary examination of the municipal commerce department and the review o

  • Anhui Safe Electronics Co., LTD. has earned TUV certification

    sign is a safety certification mark for the German TuV specifically for component products, which is widely accepted in Germany and Europe.

  • The CBB61 capacitors of Anhui Safe Electronics Co., LTD earned CQC certification

    CQC is on behalf of the China's accession to the international electrotechnical commission electrician product qualification testing and certification organization (IECEE) multilateral mutual recognition (CB) system of the national certification body (NCB), is to join the international union of certification (IQNet) and the international federation of organic agriculture movement (IFOAM) of the national certification bodies, CQC and foreign many well-known business of international mutual recognition between the authentication institutions, as well as a wide range of international communication, make the CQC won a good international image.

  • Anhui Safe Electronics Co., LTD. earned ISO9001 certification

    ISO9001 is used to verify that the organization has the ability to provide products that meet customers' requirements and applicable regulations


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