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  • Function of capacitance(1)

    Filtering is an important part of capacitance. Almost all power circuits are used. Theoretically (that is to say, the capacitance is assumed to be a pure capacitance), the larger the capacitance, the smaller the impedance and the higher the passing frequency. However, in fact, most of the capacitors

  • Explosion proof principle of CBB65 Capacitor

    CBB65 Air-Conditioner Capacitor explosion Protection principle: commonly known as explosion-proof we abbreviated-pressure-differential explosion-proof. When the insulation degree of a certain component of the capacitor decreases, it will inevitably produce extra heat, increase the internal pressure,

  • What are the symptoms of the capacitor fault in the air conditioner

    There are two capacitors in the outdoor unit electric packing box, the large volume is the compressor capacitance, the small volume is the external motor capacitance. Different capacitor damage failure phenomenon is also different: Compressor capacitance damage: the performance of normal compressor

  • Why should Air-conditioning Compressor be equipped with Start-up Capacitor

    Why should Air-conditioning Compressor be equipped with Start-up CapacitorThe principle of our air-conditioner soft starter is decompression start. Because the square of the starting voltage and the starting torque is proportional to each other, low starting voltage will easily lead to the c

  • Test the air conditioning capacitor

    Air conditioning capacitorsThe first is to turn on the air conditioning test, work, see the air conditioning is not reported fault code and test the effectiveness of the work of air conditioning.Then find the outdoor unit air conditioner, connected to the pressure gauge, check the air conditioning i

  • Why air conditioning compressor equiped with starter capacitor

    Why air conditioning compressor equiped with starter capacitorThe principle of our air conditioner soft starter is decompression start. Since the square of the starting voltage and the starting torque is directly proportional to the starting voltage is too low will easily lead to the compressor can

  • cbb65 capacitor explosion-proof principle

    CBB65 air conditioner compressor capacitor explosion-proof principle: commonly referred to as explosion-proof we referred to as - differential pressure explosion-proof.When the degree of insulation of a certain component of the capacitor drops, it will inevitably produce abnormal heat. The internal

  • Air Conditioning Capacitors - Introduction to Air Conditioning Capacitors

    Capacitors, usually referred to as the capacity to hold the charge of capacitors, with the letter C said. Definition 1: A capacitor, as its name implies, is a 'charged container' and is a device that holds a charge. English name: capacitor. Capacitors are widely used in electronic equipment, one of

  • Introduction of Air conditioning capacitors - air conditioning capacitors

    1, in accordance with the structure of three categories: fixed capacitors, variable capacitors and trimming capacitors.2, according to the electrolyte classification: organic dielectric capacitors, inorganic dielectric capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, electric capacitors and air-dielectric capac

  • Air conditioning capacitors - the role of air conditioning capacitors

    This comes from the structure of the capacitor. The simplest capacitor is made up of plates at both ends and an intermediate dielectric (including air). When energized, the plates are energized to form a voltage (potential difference), but the entire capacitor is non-conductive due to the middle ins


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