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  • The press cannot start due to insufficient torque after capacitive loss

    After capacitive loss of capacity, the compressor cannot start because of insufficient torque. At this time, the current can generally reach 30 A or more, the current of the clamping cylinder will also reach this peak value, or even higher. At such a high current, the average household power line is

  • Can fine-tuning capacitors be coated with coating material or "Lock Paint"?

    No coating material or "Lock Paint" (locking sealant) shall be applicable. Do not apply any adhesive such as "Lock Paint" to the adjustable part (rotor) of the fine-tuned capacitor. In some applications, a wide area of the circuit board can be coated with resin or rubber protective materials to impr

  • What are the precautions when adjusting capacitance?

    Use of appropriate screwdriver according to the slot on the fine-tuning capacitor. When an inappropriate or worn top screwdriver is used, it may be difficult to adjust the capacitance value. Similarly, due to the effect of stray capacitance, use of screwdriver with tip as metal will also increase th

  • Air conditioning capacitor insertion method

    Air conditioning capacitor insertion method is not fastidious, as long as the two ends of the corresponding two phases of the motor can be added. 1. Ac electrolytic capacitor or polypropylene, polyester capacitor used to start single phase asynchronous motor. 2. Capacitive induction motor has two wi

  • Precautions for replacing capacitors(4)

    When there is no suitable capacitance replacement, the series and parallel capacitors can be used to obtain the appropriate capacitance. If the voltage value of the capacitance is not enough, the series method can also be used to improve the voltage value. If the circuit needs more than 25V voltage,

  • Precautions for replacing capacitors(3)

    Mica capacitance, ceramic capacitor can be replaced by paper capacitance. Ceramic dielectric capacitance can be replaced by mica capacitor and glass-glazed capacitor. Tantalum electrolytic capacitance can be replaced by aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

  • Precautions for replacing capacitors(2)

    The rated voltage of the substitute capacitor must be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the original capacitance or greater than the operating voltage of the actual circuit. The frequency characteristic of the substitute capacitor must meet the frequency requirement of the actual circuit

  • Precautions for replacing capacitors(1)

    Fixed capacitance is prone to fault phenomena such as leakage, short circuit, open circuit, inadequate contact of the internal lead of the capacitor (the connection between the pole and the lead) and so on. Especially the electrolytic capacitance, its failure rate is much higher than other

  • Function of capacitance(3)

    The energy storage capacitor collects the charge through the rectifier and transmits the stored energy through the converter lead to the output of the power supply. Aluminium electrolytic capacitors rated 40V 450VDC with a capacitance between 220U 150000uF (e.g., EPCOS B43504 or B43505). Is more com

  • Function of capacitance(2)

    By-pass capacitance is a kind of energy storage device which can provide energy for local devices. It can make the output of voltage stabilizer uniform and reduce the load requirement. Like small rechargeable batteries, bypass capacitors can be charged and let off the device. To minimize impedance,


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