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Why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors

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With the development of technology, the application fields of electronic components are becoming more widespread and frequently used. Some small partners don't understand why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors. This article is simple for everyone to answer!


There are generally three places in the car that use capacitors: energy storage, motor and electronic control. In the design of the power supply part of the new energy vehicle, it is necessary to use a high-voltage capacitor for smoothing and filtering applications. The normal working environment inside the automobile is harsh, and the capacitor is required to have high temperature resistance, high reliability, long life, and thin film capacitance compared with aluminum. Electrolytic capacitors have a big advantage.


I believe everyone will know why new energy vehicles choose film capacitors. Due to the performance advantages of the film capacitor, the market prospect of the film capacitor is bright and the scale is constantly growing. And when we choose the film capacitor manufacturer, we also need to find some guarantees to reduce unnecessary trouble.


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