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Where should I check after getting the metal film capacitor

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Capacitors are not ordinary daily necessities. We have checked them after getting the capacitors. No problem can be installed and used. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if we have problems. Therefore, we should check after getting the metal film capacitors. Before using metal film capacitors, the quality of the metal film capacitor should be checked to prevent unsuitable capacitors from being loaded into the circuit.


When the design component is installed, the metal film capacitor should be used, which will cause the capacitor temperature to be too high and premature aging. When installing capacitors with small capacitors and high frequency circuits, the brackets should be used to lift the capacitors to reduce the influence of distributed capacitance on the circuit. It should be noted that the time for soldering the metal film capacitor is not too long, because the soldering temperature for a long time is transmitted to the internal medium of the capacitor through the electrode pins, so that the performance of the medium changes.


If the metal film capacitor we purchased is temporarily not stored, it should not be directly added to the rated voltage when it needs to be used after long-term storage, otherwise it will be dangerous. The correct method of use is to first add a small operating voltage, and then gradually increase the voltage until the rated voltage and maintain it for a short time at this voltage, and then put it into use.


When installing a capacitor in a circuit, the metal film capacitor should be marked in an easy-to-view position for verification and repair. When the capacitors are used in parallel, the total capacitance is equal to the sum of the capacities, but it should be noted that the operating voltage of the metal film capacitors in parallel cannot exceed the low rated voltage.


Before going to the machine, we have to test the appearance of the metal film capacitor so that it can be avoided. If you have problems with the technology of film capacitors, we will try our best to solve them. We sincerely serve every customer who comes to consult. Your presence is our driving force.


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