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What is the main function of CBB film capacitors?

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The main function of CBB film capacitor


In circuit boards, CBB film capacitors are basically indispensable. Many people do not know what is the use of CBB film capacitors?

Film capacitors are a commonly used type of capacitors. They have high non-conductive impedance, wide frequency response and non-polarity, so film capacitors are often used in integrated circuit boards, analog circuits and other circuits. In practical applications, the main functions of CBB film capacitors are as follows:

Function one: suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply.

Applications in power electronic circuits. Film capacitors are used here, mainly as a buffer and clamp for power and current, resonant bypass, and suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply.

Function two: reduce impedance.

When the film capacitor is used as a bypass, it mainly reduces the impedance of the DC bus and absorbs the ripple current from the load, thereby effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the DC bus voltage due to the sudden change of the load. When the device is used in a resonant converter, it can function to achieve resonance together with the inductor.


Key Benefits of Film Capacitors

Its main equivalence is as follows: non-polarity, high insulation impedance, very good frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and very little dielectric loss. Based on the above advantages, film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits. In the interconnecting part of the signal, a capacitor with good frequency characteristics and very low dielectric loss can be used so that the signal will not have too much distortion during transmission.


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