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Home » News » News » industry information » What is the large capacity of ceramic capacitors?

What is the large capacity of ceramic capacitors?

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Ceramic capacitors are capacitors whose dielectric materials are ceramics. They can be classified into low frequency ceramic capacitors and high frequency ceramic capacitors depending on the ceramic materials. Classified according to the structure, it can be divided into a pellet capacitor, a tubular capacitor, a rectangular capacitor, a chip capacitor, a feedthrough capacitor and the like.


The capacitor is like a water cup. The bigger the cup, the more water it contains. The larger the capacitor size, the larger the capacity. The capacity unit of the capacitor is F, and the basic units are pF, nF and uF. The amount of charge stored in the capacitor is "capacity x voltage". This voltage refers to the withstand voltage value, which is how many volts the capacitor can charge. The amount of electricity is proportional to the capacitance, proportional to the voltage, and proportional to the volume.


Generally, the starting capacity of ceramic capacitors is 0.5pF, and the size and capacity of ceramic chips are different. The commonly used 0402 capacitors are generally 10uF, and the 0805 capacitors are generally 47uF. With a large capacity of up to 100 UF, for example, a Japanese company has successfully developed a large-capacity ceramic capacitor with a capacitance of 100 μF and a high withstand voltage of 25 V. This product can be used for the power supply line of liquid crystal displays.


The choice of capacitors can not blindly choose large capacity, the right choice is correct, for example, 0402 capacitor can achieve 10uF10V, 0805 capacitor can achieve 47uF10V, but in order to good procurement, low cost, generally do not select the capacitor. It is generally recommended to select 4.7uF for 0402, 10uF for 0603, and 22uF for 0805. Therefore, we must choose the right capacitor in combination with our own circuit requirements, and do not blindly choose large-capacity capacitors.


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