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What is ceramic capacitor

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High voltage ceramic capacitor is a capacitor with ceramic material as its medium. The main characteristic of high voltage ceramic capacitor is small volume and high pressure. High voltage ceramic capacitor is a circular plate capacitor with ceramic material as the medium. In the "ceramic" capacitor, the low voltage is usually below DC50v, DC50V~500V is middle and high voltage, DC1000v~6000v and high voltage, and the Y capacitance of Y is also high pressure, DC6000v above is ultra high pressure. The voltage of 2KV and 3KV is very common. It is often used in high pressure occasions.


High voltage ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of high resistance to direct current and high voltage. It is suitable for high voltage bypass and coupling circuits. Low loss high pressure wafers have low dielectric loss. It is especially suitable for use in TV receivers and scanning circuits.


What are the specifications of the Ceramic capacitor? Ceramic capacitor is extruded into a circular tube, a disc or a disk as a medium with a high dielectric constant of the capacitor ceramic "barium titanate", which is coated on the surface of the ceramic, and the silver is plated on the ceramic as an electrode.


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