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What is a thin film capacitor

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Thin film capacitor is a kind of capacitor, which is made of metal foil as electrode, and plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene , polystyrene or polycarbonate, which is coiled into a cylindrical structure after overlapping from both ends. Film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits because of their high insulation impedance and excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response and small dielectric loss). According to the material medium, it can be divided into metallized polyester film capacitors and metallized polypropylene film capacitors.

The working principle of thin film capacitor is to store electric energy on the electrode by storing charge on the electrode, which is usually used with inductor to form LC oscillating circuit. The working principle of the capacitor is that the charge will move under the force of the electric field. When there is a medium between conductors, it prevents the charge from moving and causes the charge to accumulate on the conductor, resulting in the accumulative storage of the charge.

A brief introduction to thin film capacitors is made to facilitate a rapid understanding of thin-film capacitors for novice and user alike. The development direction of thin film capacitor is low cost, miniaturization, chip type, ultra high voltage, high power, high precision and high reliability. With the application and development of new materials and new technology, thin film capacitors will bring great changes. With the development of the whole equipment, the application of thin film capacitors will bring opportunities and challenges.


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