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What are the faults of capacitor damage in switching power supply? (II)

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2) The low or slight leakage caused by the capacity reduction of the capacitor is the phenomenon that the TV image "S" is distorted or unsynchronized. There are some special failures for the current TV set with IIC bus. If the influence makes the synchronization card critical state, the accompaniment sound can affect the quality of the TV set and make the companion chapter. Appear at any time. The main reason is the change of the parameters of the capacitor, but it does not completely fail, and it has some effect to some extent, but it can not reach its due role, which makes the existing failure phenomenon appear. And this kind of fault is not good to judge and eliminate.

3) The failure, full leakage or pulping caused by the capacity disappearance of capacitor is the most difficult to distinguish and maintain after the failure of the capacitor in the power supply, because the measurement of capacitance devices, using the multimeter to test all normal, but when the capacitance is installed on the circuit, the capacity of the capacitor will completely disappear, this is the most difficult to repair the soft fault in the circuit. One is that components can not withstand voltage, and the existence of a voltage can easily disappear.


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