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What are the faults of capacitor damage in switching power supply? (I)

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1) The fault of the capacitor is short circuit and open circuit. The fault phenomenon is burning switch tube and other current limiting components, such as the current limiting resistor in the switching power supply. A filter capacitor in high voltage and high current (such as the switching power supply, line output circuit) of high voltage and high current (such as color TV). When the voltage is raised, and the voltage is exceeded, the breakdown is damaged by short circuit, or the electrolytic capacitor is equivalent to the work due to the damage of the rectifier diode. In AC circuits, the heat is generated under large reverse leakage current and short circuit is damaged. Because of the large current flowing through the capacitor during short circuit, the capacitor will burst or seal the rubber plug. After the short circuit of the filter capacitor, faults such as fuse or current limiting resistor burn, power thick film block or switch tube and breakdown of the rectifier tube often occur. The main performance is the whole machine "three no", this kind of breakdown is common in all kinds of switching power supply. 


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