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What are the factors that cause the explosion of the capacitor(II)

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(4)Drum belly and internal dissociation: due to the internal corona, breakdown discharge and severe dissociation, the capacitor under the action of overvoltage makes the initial free voltage of the component lower to the strength of the working electric field, thereby causing physical, chemical and electrical effects, accelerating the aging and decomposition of the insulation, producing gas and forming a vicious cycle. The pressure of the case increases, causing the outer wall of the box to burst and even explode.


(5) Capacitor explosions caused by charge switching: no capacitor bank at any rated voltage is allowed to live on. Every time the capacitor group is reclosing, the capacitor must be discharged after the switch is disconnected, otherwise the voltage polarity of the switch at the moment of switching may be contrary to the polarity of the residual charge on the capacitor and cause the explosion. For this reason, a capacitor bank with a capacity of more than 160kvar should be equipped with an automatic tripping device without pressure, and the switch of the capacitor bank is not allowed to install automatic reclosing.


In addition, explosion may also be caused by excessive temperature, poor ventilation, high operating voltage, excessive harmonic voltage or overvoltage.


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