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What are the factors that cause the explosion of the capacitor (I)

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The possible reasons for the explosion of the capacitor are as follows:


(1) Breakdown of capacitor internal components: mainly due to poor manufacturing process.


(2) Damage to the insulation of the shell by the capacitor. The high pressure side of the capacitor is made of thin steel sheet. If the manufacturing process is bad, the edge is not flat with burr or serious bending, the corona is easily produced at the tip of the capacitor. The corona will cause the breakdown of oil decomposition, the expansion of the box shell, and the drop of oil surface. In addition, if the welding time is too long at the corner, the internal insulation burns and produces oil and gas, causing the voltage to drop greatly and damage.


(3) Bad sealing and oil leakage: due to the poor sealing of the assembly casing, the tide gas enters the interior and reduces the insulation resistance; or the oil surface drops because of the oil leakage, resulting in the discharge of the pole to the shell or the element breakdown.


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