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Varistors provide surge protection for circuits (1)

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1) Surge protection is achieved by connecting the varistor with the power cord or between the power line and the earth. As a varistor, its most representative use is an important protection for electronic products when the signal line of the power line and long distance transmission is struck by lightning to make the wire surge. The general on line access voltage sensitive resistor can be effective for the induction pulse between lines, while the voltage sensitive resistance between the line and the ground is effective for the transmission line and the induction pulse between the earth. If we further combine the two ways of line connection and line to ground connection, we can have a better absorption effect on surge pulse.


2)The surge protection is the connection in the pressure sensitive resistance load, which is mainly used to absorb the inductive pulse caused by the sudden opening and closing of the inductive load, in order to prevent the element from being damaged. In general, as long as the shunt is on the inductive load, it can be used in conjunction with the R-C series absorption circuit according to the type of current and the different size of the energy.


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