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Using resistance gear to detect the mode capacitance

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1. Detection mechanism

Use resistance gear to detect the way of the gauge capacitance. When measuring, the positive power supply increases the amount of electricity through the standard resistance R0 to the measured capacitance adapter. When the initial increase of electricity is started, the Vc = 0, therefore, presents a "000". As the Vc gradually rises, the value of the representation increases. When Vc = 2 variable resistor, the pressure gauge begins to overflow, indicating "1". During charging, T is the time required to convert the display value from "000" to overflow. The period is measured from the available quartz table.


2. Measuring data of capacitance using digital multimeter

Using the digital multimeter to measure the capacitance of 0.1uF to 1000uf safety gauge capacitance, select the resistance gear, measure the limit of capacitance and the time to increase the amount of electricity. This method is relatively simple and convenient. It is recommended that we use digital multimeter to test the safety capacitance.


3. Test operation mode

The multipurpose electronic measuring instrument is tuned to the appropriate resistance gear, and the red and black pens are divided close to the two poles of the measured capacitance adapter, when the identification value will gradually increase from "000", and the display overflow mark "1" is known. If you always show "000", it indicates the internal short circuit of the safety gauge capacitor; if the overflow is displayed, it is probably not suitable for the resistance of the electric resistance. When detecting the capacitor period, we should pay attention to the positive pole of the positive capacitor, and the black pen to connect with the negative pole of the capacitor.


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