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Type and law of damage of capacitor

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There are many types of capacitor damage, which can generally be summarized as follows:


1. early sexual faults. This refers to the failure of the power supply or the transmission of electricity, mostly due to poor manufacturing process or serious defects.


2. there are occasional sexual faults. This refers to the damage caused by poor ventilation, overheating, external damage, overvoltage or lightning.


3. wear failure. This is the damage caused by the insulation strength of electrical appliances after years of operation due to insulation aging and internal dissociation.


The general rule of capacitor damage is:

1. the high voltage capacitor is more than the low voltage capacitor.

2. summer is more than other seasons.

3. more outdoors are installed in the room than in the room.

4. under frequent overvoltages and overloads, there are many damages.

5. switch operations are frequently damaged more frequently.

6. bad management, poor ventilation and more damage.


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