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Thermistor anti-surge protection

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NTC thermistor is a type of semiconductor resistor whose resistance value changes in the opposite direction with the change of temperature, and the rate of change is extremely large. Usually thermistors can be used in temperature detection, temperature compensation, anti-surge and other occasions.


Another very widely used NTC thermistor is anti-surge current protection for power supplies. In the rectifier filter circuit, in order to avoid the instant surge current caused by the charging of the capacitive load when the electronic circuit is turned on, a power type NTC thermistor is usually connected in series in the power circuit. This can stop the inrush current at startup, and after the inrush current is stopped, the resistance of the NTC thermistor will drop to a very small value due to the continuous action of the current, and the power consumption will be negligible. Will affect the normal operation of the circuit.


Therefore, in small and medium power power supply circuits, the method of using a power NTC thermistor to suppress the inrush current at startup is widely used. Different resistors have different effects. Know them well before use to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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