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The terminology of thermistor

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1. Volt-ampere characteristic curve: stable in the environment of 27 ° C, the potential difference applied to the terminal of the thermistor is related to the current under the premise of the heat balance; the insulation thermistor: becomes the specified insulation resistance And the thermistor tried for voltage verification. Non-insulated thermistor: Thermistor condition for insulation voltage and insulation resistance test is not sought. Initial current: The current that occurs when the circuit switch is turned to the moment it is closed. Peak current: The peak-to-peak value of the original current.


2. Time characteristic of current: refers to the characteristic change of current with time during the application of voltage of the thermistor. Temperature resistance characteristics: refers to the relationship between the zero-power resistance value of the thermistor and the intrinsic temperature of the resistor under the original voltage. Rated zero power resistance value: It is intended to be a zero power resistor at 25 ° C unless the customer specifically requests another temperature. The resistance value of the thermistor: refers to the small resistance value corresponding to the temperature curve series starting from the normal temperature of 25 ° C, and the temperature corresponding to the small resistance value.


3. Switching temperature: When the resistance value starts to show that the level jump is increased, the temperature is the switching temperature, that is, when the resistance value rises to 2 times the small resistance value, the corresponding heat is also called the Curie point. The operating voltage of the thermistor: the operating voltage that the thermistor can withstand continuously under the ambient temperature of the receiving range. Thermistor current: refers to the large current allowed through the thermistor at the operating voltage. Non-operating current: The non-operating current, that is, the rated current or the holding current, refers to a large current that does not cause the PTC thermistor to exhibit a high resistance state under the specified time and temperature conditions.



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