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The selection of film capacitors should be cautious

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The film capacitor itself is generally not easy to be broken. It seems that there is no direct connection with the IGBT, but the actual impact is great:

1. Clutter promotes high-load operation of IGBT, which increases heat generation and affects the life of IGBT

2. If the DC-LINK film capacitor is not well selected, the current on the DC side is unstable, the waveform fluctuates high and low, and it works for a long time. When the IGBT is turned off, the current tail is prone to be too long and easy to short-circuit.

3. The stray inductance becomes larger, and the IGBT drive waveform is easy to be irregular sometimes.


Film capacitor production equipment:

There is a big gap in the process. Foreign manufacturers make all the equipment for film capacitors, and most domestic manufacturers stop using manual manufacturing. Domestic film capacitors are made with uniformity and a much lower pass rate.


The current situation of unstable performance of the whole equipment:

DC-LINK film capacitors, IGBT absorption capacitors, and resonance capacitors have poor filtering effects, which directly affect IGBT performance.  After replacing the capacitor, the whole machine is very stable.  Recommend Anhui Saifu Capacitors, self-produced film materials, very cost-effective.


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