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The reason of CBB capacitors burned

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CBB capacitor is a common electronic component in our life. Its demand is constantly increasing. There have been many cases of CBB capacitors being burned recently, so what is the reason for this?


Some users have suggested that 0.22uf CBB capacitors are burned during debugging, the reason may be that the capacitors are overheated and burned. Generally caused by excessive load, you can check whether the CBB capacitor has excessive loss. Or the current is related to the voltage. Although the CBB withstand voltage is relatively high, there are also withstand voltage values. Capacitor bursts are generally due to large currents, and most of the reasons for large currents are due to too high voltages. The current is obtained from the voltage and impedance values.


When testing, if there is a heating device, you need to stay away from the CBB capacitor. Because the resistor is shorted, the temperature of the nearby capacitor also rises sharply. Test the actual temperature of the capacitor during operation and check the quality of the capacitor. Choose a guaranteed manufacturer when purchasing CBB capacitors.


With the development of new energy, CBB capacitors have begun to replace aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The responsibility of film capacitor manufacturers is to ensure quality. If you have technical questions, please contact us and try our best to answer your questions.


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