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The reason for the explosion of Ceramic Chip Capacitance(I)

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The burst of ceramic chip capacitor is usually the instantaneous voltage is too high, the internal structure of the ceramic chip is destroyed. Withstand voltage over rated use voltage. 
The reasons for the burst of ceramic chip capacitance are as follows. 

1. High ambient temperature. 
If the whole ventilation condition is poor, especially in the hot summer, if the indoor temperature of the air conditioning switch is up to 48 ℃ or above, it can be seen that the high ambient temperature is one of the causes of the ceramic chip capacitance explosion. The staff can indirectly monitor the temperature of the capacitor medium from the displayed temperature. 

2 voltage extremely unstable. 
When the voltage is reduced, the reactive power capacity of the ceramic chip capacitor will be reduced in proportion to the square of the voltage, that is, the capacity of the capacitor will not be fully utilized. When the operating voltage increases, the temperature rise of the capacitor will be increased, and even the thermal balance of the capacitor will be destroyed, which will cause the capacitor to explode. Therefore, the national standard states that capacitors are allowed to operate for a long period of time at a rated voltage of 1. 1 times, but the operating time under a rated voltage of 1. 15 times per 24 hours shall not exceed 30min. In the case of extremely unstable voltage, this is one of the causes of capacitor explosion burning.



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