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The pros and cons of self-healing film capacitors

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With the development of technology level, electronics, home appliances, communications and other industries are getting shorter and shorter replacement cycle, and film capacitors with its good electrical performance and high reliability, to promote the above-mentioned industry replacement indispensable electronic components. Film capacitors are now widely used in electronics, home appliances, communications, electricity, electrified railways, hybrid vehicles, wind power generation, solar power generation and many other industries, in addition to its non-polarity, high insulation impedance, excellent frequency characteristics, small media losses and so on, but also benefit from its self-healing characteristics, the following chat with you about the advantages and disadvantages of film capacitors self-healing.


Film capacitors have self-healing properties, which are characteristic of thin film capacitors. It should be divided into discharge self-healing and electrochemical self-healing. Because of this characteristic, many times the thin film capacitor is damaged and does not need to be replaced, many times it can self-heal, so it can reduce the cost of replacing the capacitor, reduce the cost of maintenance, reduce troubleshooting, machine failure delay time, etc. , which is its advantages, but this self-healing feature also has its disadvantages.


The disadvantage of the self-healing characteristics of film capacitors is that they cause current pulses when they heal, which bring signal interference to the circuit and reduce the signal-to-noise ratio of the circuit. Therefore, we can see that in some particularly demanding circuits, such as hi-fi circuits, high-precision communication circuits, etc., will not use thin-film capacitors, some will also reduce the use and can not let film capacitors in the operation of self-healing, otherwise it will have an impact on the circuit.


Another disadvantage of self-healing is the gradual reduction in the capacity of capacitors. If the electrical capacity at work, the number of self-healing times, it will lead to its capacity and insulation resistance significantly smaller, loss angle increased significantly, so that the capacitor quickly failed. Therefore, care should be taken to reduce the number of times the capacitor self-healing occurs.


Purchase should pay attention to the quality of the product, to ensure the safe use of components.


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