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The problem of discharge sound in the operation of power capacitor

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Capacitors are usually silent when they are running, but sometimes exceptions. The causes of the sound are as follows:


(1) Casing discharge. The sleeve of the capacitor is an assembler. If the open space is too long, the rain enters between the two layers of casing, and after the voltage is added, it is possible to produce a splitting crackling sound. At this point, the capacitor can be stopped and discharged, and the outer tube can be discharged, dried and reinstalled.


(2) Lack of oil discharge. If there is a serious lack of oil in the capacitor so that the lower end of the casing can be exposed to the oil surface, it is possible to emit electric discharge. To this end, the same type of capacitor oil should be added.


(3) Diswelding discharge. If the capacitor is internally welded or dissoldered, flashover will be discharged in the oil. If there is more than the sound of electricity, the repair should be removed.


(4) Bad grounding discharge. When the core of the capacitor is not in good contact with the shell, floating voltage will appear, causing the discharge sound. At this time, if the capacitor is stopped and discharged for processing, the contact between the core and the shell will be good, so that the discharge sound will disappear.


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