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The nonlinear variation law of thermistor

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The non-linear variation of thermistor is very simple, because once the ambient temperature exceeds the standard, the resistance value of the finished thermistor made of special materials can immediately become very large under the circuit voltage detection. The thermistor with this characteristic can be used in the open circuit protection, which has a very good protection function for the precious instruments in the circuit.


Generally, in large-scale instruments, there are many protection circuits. There are various small circuits on the circuit board. There are many small circuits in the circuit board. Each circuit has its own unique function, among which there are many small circuits that are specially used for open circuit protection. When designing the circuit, people have considered where to use the protection circuit, generally connecting the instrument There will be a protection circuit near the access point of the circuit, which is equivalent to the safety device in the ordinary circuit.


This kind of non-linear thermistor exists in the protective circuit. When the current suddenly increases or decreases, the current heating function of the thermistor changes sharply, resulting in the sudden increase of the resistance value. The circuit after the sudden increase of the resistance value is equivalent to an open circuit, and the instrument in the open circuit has been disconnected before the shock current does not affect itself Away from the shock circuit.


So the practical significance of this kind of thermistor manufacturing is very important. With the rapid development of science and technology, people have also made thermistors with negative properties according to the material characteristics. Its characteristics are that its resistance value decreases with the rise of temperature. This characteristic is often used in the fire detection circuit. Once there is a fire around, the flame burns into the thermistor exposed in the circuit When the resistance is reduced, the circuit can be connected, and the signal device is informed to be activated, so people can find the fire.


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