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The market position of monolithic ceramic capacitor(II)

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Monolithic ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of small volume, large specific volume, long life, high reliability and suitable for surface installation. With the rapid development of the electronic industry in the world, as the basic component of the electronic industry, monolithic ceramic capacitor is also developing at an amazing speed, increasing at the speed of 10%~15% every year.


Flaky monolithic ceramic capacitor has been widely used in clocks, electronic cameras, medical devices, automobiles, electronic tuners, etc. With the improvement of reliability and integration of chip capacitors, its use is becoming more and more widely used in various military and civilian electronic machines and electronic devices. Such as computers, telephones, program-controlled switches, precision testing equipment, radar communications, etc.


Monolithic ceramic capacitor has many advantages and promotes the sales and status of monolithic ceramic capacitor under these advantages. As buyers, facing many brands, we need to analyze from different angles, and choose quality guaranteed brand capacitors.


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