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The influence of the production of film capacitors on the parameters

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What is the influence of film capacitors on parameter variables, including these four factors, namely capacitance, loss tangent, insulation resistance and withstand voltage.  The production process of film capacitors is also firmly centered on ensuring that these four parameters meet the requirements.  The manufacturing process causes the capacitance deviation. The capacitance of the wound film capacitor C=0.177εs/dε is the dielectric permittivity s is the effective area of the plate d is the thickness of the medium and the capacitance is proportional to ε and s,  It is inversely proportional to d.


During the production process, these parameters will change, resulting in capacity errors.  The core of the process is to reduce these errors and improve the capacity hit rate.  Winding process: The coating width, thickness, or margins are inherently biased.  The variation of the tension of the film from the large circle to the small circle, the error of the tension of each winding machine.  The pressure of the roller is too low.  Deviation during winding process, wrong edge error.


When the air humidity is high, the capacity of the core is too large.  Hot pressing process: The thickness error of the core is not uniformly stressed, resulting in uneven core tightness and capacity dispersion, uneven hot pressing plate, and temperature error.  Heat treatment time or temperature error is impregnated: vacuum degree error, time error, curing temperature error.


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