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The importance of Y capacitance in the action of an unconventional capacitance (2)

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The capacitance of the capacitor must be limited to control the size of the leakage current flowing through it and the effect on the performance of the system EMC under the rated frequency and rated voltage. GJB151 stipulates that the capacitance of Y capacitor should not be greater than 0.1uF. In addition to the voltage withstand voltage corresponding to the power grid, the Y capacitor also requires that the capacitor has sufficient safety allowance in the electrical and mechanical properties to avoid the breakdown short-circuit in extreme bad environment, and the voltage resistance performance of the Y capacitor is of great significance for protecting the safety of the human body.

It is especially pointed out that the Y capacitor as a safety capacitor must be certified by the safety inspection organization. The appearance of Y capacitors is mostly blue, generally marked with safety certification marks (such as UL, VDE, ENEC and so on) and AC300V or AC400V. However, its true DC withstand voltage is as high as 4000V. Y capacitors shall not be used arbitrarily by using nominal voltage AC250V or other common capacitors.

The importance of Y capacitors in the role of safety capacitors can not be ignored. It can be said that if the Y capacitor does not exist, then there is no safety performance. It is precisely because of its existence that it ensures the safety of such capacitors. It is ensured that these capacitors meet all the standards and requirements of safety regulations.


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