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The difference between the CBB capacitor and MLCC(III)

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The three type is semiconductor Y5V dielectric, which has high dielectric constant. It is used to produce large capacity capacitor with larger specific capacity and higher nominal capacity. But its capacity stability is less than X7R, and the capacity and loss are sensitive to the test conditions such as temperature and voltage. It is mainly used in the oscillating, coupling, filtering and parting circuits in the electronic machine.

The characteristics of monolithic ceramic capacitors are large capacitors, small volume, high reliability, stable capacitor, high temperature and humidity resistance, etc.

Application: CBB capacitors are widely used in electronic precision instruments. A variety of small electronic equipment for resonance, coupling, filtering, bypass. Capacity range: 0.5PF--1UF; withstand voltage: two times rated voltage. The CBB capacitor is mainly red, and the monolithic ceramic capacitor is yellow. The volume of CBB is larger than that of a monolithic ceramic capacitor.

CBB capacitor is a kind of film capacitor, a negative temperature coefficient non polar capacitor made of non polar polypropylene film as medium. There are two types of non sealed type (usually coloured resin lacquer package) and sealed type (encapsulated in metal or plastic shell). The characteristic capacitor of the monolithic ceramic capacitor is large; the volume is small; the reliability is high; the capacitor is stable; the high temperature resistance is resistant to high temperature. Good moisture resistance and so on.


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