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The difference between the CBB capacitor and MLCC(II)

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The monolithic ceramic capacitor can be divided into three types:

One kind is the temperature compensation class NPO dielectric. The capacitor has the most stable electrical performance and is basically not changed with the change of temperature, voltage and time. It is a type of super stable and low loss capacitor materials. It is suitable for high frequency, UHF and VHF high frequency, high frequency and high frequency circuits with high stability and reliability.

The two category is X7R dielectric with high dielectric constant. Because X7R is a strong dielectric, it can produce capacitors with larger capacity than NPO dielectric. The performance of the capacitor is stable. With the change of temperature and voltage time, the characteristic change of the capacitor is not remarkable. It belongs to the type of stable capacitor materials, and is used in the middle and high frequency circuits with high requirements of high reliability, such as straight, coupling, parting, filter circuit and high reliability.


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