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The difference between the CBB capacitor and MLCC(I)

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CBB capacitor is a kind of film capacitor. The composition principle of CBB capacitor is actually relatively simple. It is two parallel strip plate, middle insulating medium composition core, two plate each has one elicitation, that is two electrode. The CBB capacitor is a polypropylene capacitor. Its main characteristics are similar to polystyrene but small in size and slightly unstable in stability. Replace most of the polystyrene or mica capacitors for higher circuits.

CBB capacitor structure: a negative temperature coefficient nonpolar capacitor made of non polar polypropylene film. There are two types of non sealed (commonly used colored resin lacquer) and sealed (sealed with metal or plastic housing).

Monolithic ceramic capacitor is another name for multilayer ceramic capacitors, also called stacked capacitors. The English name is monolithic ceramic capacitor or multi-layer ceramic capacitor, referred to as MLCC.


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