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The difference between polar capacitance and non polar capacitance(II)

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3. The performance is different.

Performance is the requirement of use, and the maximum requirement is the requirement of use. If the power supply part of the TV is filtered by a metal oxide film capacitor, it is necessary to achieve the capacitor capacity and withstand voltage required by the filter. I'm afraid there's only a power supply in the shell. Therefore, only polarity capacitor is used for filtering, and polarity capacitance is irreversible. That is to say, the positive electrode must be connected to the high potential terminal, and the negative pole must be connected with the low potential end. Generally, the electrolytic capacitor is above 1 micro - bar, which makes coupling, decoupling, power supply filtering and so on. The nonpolar capacitance is mostly below 1 MF, which is involved in resonance, coupling, frequency selection, current limiting and so on. Of course, it also has large capacity and high voltage resistance. It is widely used in reactive power compensation, motor phase shifting and variable frequency power shift. There are many kinds of non polar capacitance.

4. The capacity is different.

As I have mentioned before, capacitor capacitors of the same volume have different capacities.


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