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The difference between polar capacitance and non polar capacitance (I)

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1. The principle is the same.

(1) Both the storage charge and the release charge are stored.

(2) The voltage on the plate (where the electromotive force of charge accumulation is called voltage) can not be changed.

(3) The difference lies in the different medium, the different performance, the different capacity, the different structure, the use environment and the use are also different. Conversely speaking, according to the needs of production practice, people have manufactured various kinds of capacitors to meet the normal operation of various electrical appliances and the operation of new equipment. With the development of science and technology and the discovery of new materials, more and more high-quality and diversified capacitors will emerge.

2. The medium is different.

What is the medium? It is the substance between the two plates of the capacitor. Most polar capacitors use electrolyte as dielectric material, and capacitance of the same volume has large capacitive capacitance. In addition, the capacitance capacity of different capacitance materials and processes will vary with the volume. Another is the pressure and the use of dielectric materials are also closely related. There are many non-polar capacitive dielectric materials, mostly using metal oxide film and polyester.


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