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The composition of the capacitor

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There are many types of capacitors and different structures, but the basic structure of capacitors is the same. The simple structure of a capacitor consists of a layer of non-conductive dielectric sandwiched between two metal plates that are close to each other.When a voltage is applied between the two plates of the capacitor, the capacitor will store charge, so the capacitor is an electronic component that charges and discharges charge.Capacitance is a measure of how much charge a capacitor stores. The capacitance of the plate capacitor can be calculated by the following formula, namely

--------Capacitance (F)    

--------stored on one electrode plate's electric charge (C)        --------Potential difference (V) on the two electrode plates

--------dielectric constant of insulating medium

--------area of metal plate

--------distance between plates


According to international regulations, if the charge of one electrode plate is 1C, the potential difference between the two electrode plates is 1V, and the capacity of the capacitor is 1F. In practical applications, the Farad (F) unit is too large, and its derived unit is often used in engineering. The derived units and symbols are as follows:

Farad (F) = 1*10 3rd power hair = 1*10 6th power Microfarad = 1*10 9th power Nanofarad = 1*10 12th power Picofarad

In addition to plate capacitors, there are other types of capacitors that are constructed and will be covered in the following sections. Figure 4-1 shows the outline structure of some common capacitors.


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