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The cause of the early damage of the capacitor(II)

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The voltage on the elements connected by the breakdown element will increase, and the component groups in parallel will be short connected, thereby increasing the voltage on the remaining series, and increasing the current through each element. It will lead to the rapid aging of various components and increase the calorific value. At the same time, partial discharge at the edge of the plate will also occur under the action of higher voltage. In addition, the discharge of the breakdown point causes the impregnating agent to release a large amount of gas. After a certain period of time, the whole series of components in series with the fault element will be knocked out successively. In addition, a new series of series will be short connected, the number of series is further reduced, the element voltage further increases the overcurrent phenomenon, the medium is further deteriorated, and the temperature will increase further. The impregnation agent will further release the gas. As a result, more and more components will be damaged, and the expansion of the tank will become more and more serious.


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