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The capacity of the monolithic capacitor is insufficient, there will be problems.

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Monolithic capacitors are another name for multilayer ceramic capacitors, referred to as MLCC, and are widely used in electronic precision instruments. Various small electronic devices are used for resonance, coupling, filtering, and bypassing. With the development of technology, the application of capacitors is more and more extensive. The content of this article will talk to you about a problem that everyone will encounter.


The monolithic capacitor has good temperature characteristics and good frequency characteristics. Generally, with the increase of the frequency, the capacitance shows a decreasing law, the decrease is relatively small, and the capacity is relatively stable, so it is widely used by everyone. Some friends said that on the computer power supply, the purple line 5V used in the front stage, the voltage of the purple line that appeared after the voltage was unstable due to the high voltage line hitting the line was as high as 20V. After checking, it was found that the capacity of the monolithic capacitor did not seem to be enough. What will happen?


If the capacitance of the power supply part is insufficient, the voltage of the latter stage will be unstable. You can use an oscilloscope to look at the waveform of the 5V voltage. You can't change a capacitor with a larger capacity. The capacitance of the power supply can be as large as large. When choosing the monolithic capacitor capacity, you should consider the actual situation. If you don't understand, you can find the relevant technicians to find help.


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