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The air conditioner capacitor is the key component to start the air conditioner motor

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Saifu electronic air conditioner capacitor is a key component to start the air conditioner motor. Most of the air conditioners on the market now use capacitors to start and run the air conditioner. The damage of the capacitor will cause the compressor starting current to rise too quickly, and the protection mode will automatically be turned on to stop or the compressor cannot be started, which will cause the air conditioner to fail to operate normally or automatically power off during the startup process. In the process of starting and electrifying the air conditioner, the main air conditioner capacitor acts as a conduction to help the compressor to start normally.

Most of the air conditioners are single-phase compressors that require capacitors to be split into phases to start during the startup process. The capacitors are easily overloaded when running at a higher voltage of 220V in the home. The quality of the capacitor is directly related to whether the compressor can be started normally. Therefore, when the air conditioner cannot start normally, the capacitor should be checked first, and there are many cases of capacitor damage.

Product Features:

1. Insert design; 2. High stability and long service time; 3. Design of a new generation of explosion-proof cover; 4. High-purity cooling oil; 5. All models and brands are common.

Saifu Electronics CBB65 air conditioner capacitors use  zinc-aluminum metallized film  with heavy edge as electrodes and dielectrics. The film is wound into an aluminum casing, which is then filled with high-purity castor oil to keep it in a vacuum state and allow the product to withstand high temperatures. In this way, the heat dissipation of the product is good, the performance is good, and the use time of the product is prolonged. Using a new generation of mechanical explosion-proof design as the means of explosion-proof, so the performance of the product has a great guarantee.


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