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The action and working principle of film capacitors

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Film capacitors, also known as Plastic Film Capacitors, are capacitors that use (electrical grade) plastic films as dielectrics. Compared with ceramics and electrolyte capacitors, it has the advantages of good product performance and high reliability, but the capacity/volume ratio is small and the price is high.


Film capacitor action:

Film capacitors act, like all capacitors, to hold charges.

However, compared to other general capacitors, film capacitors are a high-performance capacitor because of their many excellent properties. Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation impedance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and very small media loss.

Among them, the metallized film this type of capacitor, it has a so-called Self Healing Action, that is, assuming that the tiny part of the electrode due to the fragile electrical boundary caused by a short circuit, causing a short circuit around the electrode metal, will be due to the electrostation energy or short-circuit current of the capacitor at that time, and trigger a larger area of melting and evaporation and restore the role of the capacitor. That means you can heal in an instant.

Film capacitors are commonly used in high-frequency filtering, high-frequency bypass, first- or second-order filtering circuits. Widely used in electronics, home appliances, communications, electricity, electrified railways, hybrid vehicles, wind power, solar power generation and other industries.


How film capacitors work:



Film capacitors work like ordinary capacitors, are stored by storing charge on the electrode, usually with inductors to form LC oscillation circuit, capacitors work by the electric charge in the electric field will be forced to move, when there is a medium between the conductors, it hinders the movement of the charge and so that the charge accumulates on the conductor, resulting in the accumulation of charge storage.


Film capacitor development:

The development direction of film capacitors is low cost, miniaturization, chip, ultra-high voltage, high power, high precision, high reliability. With the application and development of new materials and process technologies, film capacitors will bring about significant changes. With the development of the whole machine equipment, the application of thin film capacitors will bring opportunities and challenges.


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