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The Secret of CBB Eliminating Electrolytic Capacitor(II)

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Electrolytic capacitor characteristics.



There are polarity electrolytic capacitors usually in the power circuit or if, low frequency circuit power filter, decoupling, signal coupling and time constant setting, DC isolation and so on. The anode (positive electrode) should be connected with the positive extreme of the power supply voltage, and the cathode (negative electrode) should be connected with the negative extreme of the power supply voltage when used as a filter capacitor in the DC power supply circuit. Otherwise, the capacitor will be damaged. Non-polarity electrolytic capacitors are usually used in the circuit of frequency divider of sound box, the S-correction circuit of TV set and the starting circuit of single-phase motor.



Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in household appliances and various electronic products. Their capacity ranges from 1 μ F to 1 000 μ F, and the rated working voltage ranges from 6.3 to 450V. The disadvantages are that the dielectric loss and capacity error are large (the maximum allowable deviation is + 100% -20%), the high temperature resistance is poor, and the storage time is easy to fail.



Back to the beginning, why did electrolytic capacitors end up being replaced by CBB capacitors? This is because the type of filter has changed, DC wave filter with polar electrolytic capacitor filter AC wave to use non-polar CBB capacitor, when the need to filter AC wave, CBB capacitor will replace the motor capacitor. And when the circuit is a high-frequency circuit, it is necessary to use the CBB capacitor.



At present, there are more and more applications of AC wave, and more and more devices are using AC wave. Therefore, there will be an illusion that CBB capacitor is gradually replacing electrolytic capacitor. In fact, the application of DC is still inseparable from the electrolytic capacitor. I hope you can have a clear understanding of the difference between electrolytic capacitors and CBB capacitors after reading this article.


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